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The Cost of “Covered” Services

The Cost of “Covered” Services

Citizens of the United States have healthcare coverage, sure, but how much are they really paying out-of-pocket? There’s widespread anger towards high-deductible insurance plans, which reduce the income of hard-working physicians. In turn, many patients end up having to pay cash upfront for a procedure. Frustrations aside, it’s important to understand the logic behind your bill. Today, let’s explore the real cost of covered services, specifically pertaining to wart treatments.

CPT Codes are Changing

Did you know that there’s a specific set of policy codes for medical staff to bill under when it comes to wart removals? Known as CPT code 17110 and CPT code 17111, they have become the new standard from outdated codes such as 17000 and 17003.

Simply put, the main change is that codes 17000 and 17003 have been updated to exclude the destruction of benign lesions. This means your podiatrist will likely be basing their bill off code 17110 or 17111 to help lower costs as much as possible. These new CPT codes are applied as follows:

  • 17110: The destruction of up to 14 benign lesions. This doesn’t include skin tags or cutaneous vascular lesions.
  • 17111: The same thing, except this code is used for 15 or more lesions.

Therefore, if you’re wondering why your bill is fluctuating, there’s a good reason behind it: The CPT code coverage has changed, meaning your doctor will need to make adjustments to treatment costs extended to you.

Be Proactive About Your Coverage

With CPT codes being constantly updated, it’s hard to stay in the know about what that high-deductible insurance plan really covers. We recommend reaching out to a representative from your chosen company before seeking out treatment to verify if anything has changed. Explain what you’re thinking of having done and confirm whether unexpected costs will incur due to any CPT code changes. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to your podiatrist to discuss treatment options! There are new alternatives available that aim to produce faster, more effective results at a competitive value, such as Swift microwave therapy treatments.

It’s hard to tell if you’re ever fully “covered” or not given the constant shifting of the American healthcare industry’s billing processes. However, don’t forget that these are hard-working professionals here to help care and guide you in the right direction. If you’re paying for wart elimination, it’s time to choose a new standard that delivers tangible results. Get the most value and the best results with Swift today!

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