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The Best Foot Forward is a Healthy One

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We all worry at one time or another about whether we’re really taking good enough care of ourselves. However, there’s one part of the body that we don’t pay as much attention to (well actually, there’s two): Our feet! Sometimes, we can develop infections, sores, and blisters, which can make it more difficult to get around. Additionally, feet are susceptible to developing warts, which can be unsightly and make it painful and uncomfortable to walk around.

Long story short, the best foot forward is a healthy one!

Contributing Factors

Foot problems occur due to a variety of factors, including how weight is distributed when standing or walking, whether we allow our feet to breathe with not-too-tight socks, and if we keep them clean. However, individuals with pre-existing systemic health issues such as diabetes are even more susceptible to developing foot problems. Blood sugar levels interfering with blood flow can mean it is more difficult to heal properly, and such individuals may be more susceptible to injuries that are harder to recover from, leading to a higher risk of foot infections. Over time, this will lead to pain, discomfort and potentially even amputations in extreme circumstances.

Mobility is a Gift – Don’t Waste it!

Not everyone has the privilege to be able to go where they want, remain active and enjoy seeing more of the world. Many individuals suffer from illness or ailments that can reduce their mobility, and this extends to those who don’t take good care of their feet! There are plenty of ways your feet can become a pain to deal with – literally – over time, including stubborn plantar warts. If you’re someone who loves to travel, go for walks and explore, maintaining healthy feet should be at the top of your to-do list. Be sure to perform stretches and foot exercises, wear high-quality, comfortable walking shoes with orthopedic insoles, and check-in with a podiatrist every once in a while, as doing so might save you from losing your mobility later in life.

As the U.S distributors of Swift, a microwave-powered immune therapy solution, we at Saorsa work closely with local healthcare clinics and their patients. This includes podiatrists, dermatologists, and other experienced professionals, arming them with the tools they need to protect the health of your feet. We can safely and efficiently treat warts with our innovative technologies, and local doctors can help keep you on the right track, one foot in front of the other! Contact us today to learn more about Swift and best foot care practices.

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