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Condition Profile: Plantar Warts

Condition Profile Plantar Warts

Plenty of folks develop warts at some point in their lives – in fact, almost all of us do. There’s nothing to be ashamed of! However, you should be informed of how various types of warts are different from one another. In the first part of this ongoing series profiling wart types, we’ll put our best foot forward – terrible pun intended – and highlight plantar warts. Here we go!

What Are Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts have a weird name and they grow in an even weirder place – the soles of our feet! Many go away on their own over a few years or so, but some are more stubborn and will hang around. Plantar warts are usually harmless and more of an annoyance, but they can become quite painful if they grow to a larger size. These types of warts are caused by a strain of HPV that settles into the “pads” of your feet where most of your body’s weight is centered. This is what can make them so painful and annoying to deal with in the first place.

Symptoms of Plantar Warts

There are a lot of symptoms most folks aren’t aware of when it comes to plantar warts – likely because nobody’s really out there staring at the soles of their feet unless if they think they stepped in something when out for a walk. No, instead, the real first symptom we notice is a pain in the affected area when standing or walking. Upon closer inspection, you may notice harder, thicker skin over an area on the sole of your foot that could be easily mistaken for a callus. Or, you might experience rough, sandpapery-feeling feet or toes. Tiny black dots in affected areas are another symptom, which are ultra-small clotted blood vessels (don’t panic). Otherwise, you may experience a lesion that interferes with the natural pattern of your skin.

How to Say Goodbye to Plantar Warts for Good

You don’t have to freeze, zap or wince while applying duct tape anymore. There are way better, safer alternatives out there that also avoid transmitting HPV to others! For example, the Swift system delivers precise, controlled, and completely safe microwave energy to localize heat and treat infected tissue, administered with a single-use applicator that is then disposed of in a sanitary manner. This essentially alerts your body that HPV infected cells are present, and your immune system will kick into high gear to make short work of them. Think of it as motivation for your own natural defences!

Want to learn more about Swift? Check with your local practitioner or take a peek at the growing number of clinics offering this innovative treatment solution for plantar warts.

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