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Condition Profile: Flat Warts

Condition Profile: Flat Warts

Previously in our series of condition profiles, we covered what plantar warts are, what symptoms to watch out for – and feel for – and what solutions are available to help you say goodbye to them. Today, let’s get to know flat warts, which are easily the most common type of wart in the world. Whether you want to know how to remove a stubborn one or are unsure whether you have matching symptoms, we’ve got you covered!

What Are Flat Warts?

Flat warts typically form on the face, the backs of hands, and on legs along with other similar areas of the body. They usually appear in clusters together and are often found on children and young adults. They’re caused by a highly contagious strain of the HPV virus, but don’t panic, as it’s totally benign. HPV types 3, 10, 28, and 49 (there are over 100 different strains altogether) are leading causes of flat warts.

Symptoms of Flat Warts

So, how do you identify a flat wart? As it turns out, there are several symptoms that you should keep an eye out for. They usually appear as small yellow, brown or pinkish bumps in the affected area that are round or oval-shaped. Typically, these warts are also around the size of a pinhead, and they’re more likely to appear around scratches or cuts on the surface of the skin. You may encounter clusters of flat warts after shaving in some cases as doing so is very rough on the skin. Flat warts are typically a little harder to spot than other varieties such as plantar or genital warts, so be sure to pay close attention!

Get Rid of Flat Warts for Good with Swift!

Back in the day, we’d turn to freezing, zapping or peeling warts away with duct tape (“ow” is not the word when it comes to the latter). Fortunately, with Swift, there’s a new and highly effective solution available. Using specialized microwave energy to heat up tissue infected with HPV, it targets warts and alerts the body to the presence of unwanted bacteria. Then, your immune system takes over and helps to make that wart disappear! The treatment is completely safe and stress-free, meaning no smoke, bandages, anesthetics, or unwanted side effects. 

Are you ready to get rid of those flat warts for good? Reach out to your doctor today to learn more about all the benefits of the Swift system. Or, use our clinic locator to find an expert near you that offers it!

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