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4 Key Features of Swift for an Improved Patient Experience!

4 Key Features of Swift for an Improved Patient Experience!

Duct tape should function only as of the handyman’s secret weapon. Freezing and zapping should be reserved for ice cream and laser tag. The time has come for a new way to treat pesky, painful and uncomfortable warts: The Swift system! More folks than ever before are experiencing the many benefits of this proven, effective treatment solution that smooths your skin out to look its best. Today, let’s highlight a few and introduce you to how Swift can deliver a much-improved, long-overdue patient experience.

No Bandages, No Smoke, No Anesthetic, No Nonsense!

We at Saorsa believe in a hassle-free means of wart removal, and that includes the period after the treatment is complete. With the Swift system, the magic happens before you even know it with no unwanted after-effects, meaning you don’t need to experience post-treatment bandaging or annoying anesthetics that interfere with your plans for the day. Plus, since Swift uses thermal energy only, there’s no nasty smoke to worry about. Breathe easy – literally – and get back to what you love with no downtime!

Short, Easy Treatments

Swift is designed for a highly effective wart elimination treatment that occurs in as little as mere seconds, comprising of 3 to 4 treatments set at 4 weeks apart. That means you can enjoy your daily plans, get back to the office, take care of the kids or do anything else that requires your attention – with no attention paid to unwanted after-effects since you won’t experience any!

Stop HPV in its Tracks

Swift’s innovative design incorporates a disposable applicator tip. After a single-use, it is thrown away and the risk of transferring the HPV virus that causes warts is completely eliminated. That way, you can look and feel your best without any potential for someone else to develop warts from the strain of HPV that you were carrying! In fact, a whopping 98 percent of Swift patients continue daily tasks as normal.

Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Treatment

We know how uncomfortable it can feel when entering a doctor’s office to have a treatment performed. With Swift, that all changes – it’s a completely safe, inviting, and comfortable experience. Advanced alarm, digital time, and power management technologies ensure your absolute safety and peace of mind, and the practitioner administering the treatment remains fully aware of your condition status. 

Ready to discover even more great features about Swift? Reach out to your doctor today to see if the Swift system is available to you. Alternatively, use our clinic locator tool to find an expert who offers it. It’s time to say goodbye to warts for good!

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