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  • What causes warts?

    Warts are derived by various non-cancer causing forms of the HPV Virus.

  • Who gets warts?

    People of all ages can contract warts, however they are most commonly seen in younger patients due to the prevalence of scrapes and cuts. Patients who bite their fingernails and with weakened immunity are also more likely to contract warts.

  • How do you prevent against warts?

    • Avoid direct skin contact with wet surfaces – always wear sandals/lip flops in public showers, locker rooms or pools.
    • Carefully protect breaks in the skin with proper bandaging
    • Avoid biting fingernails
    • Wash hands frequently
    • Moisturize, especially cracked skin
  • Are warts harmful?

    Warts are not harmful, but can be painful and embarrassing.

  • Should I seek treatment?

    It is always recommended to visit either a podiatrist or a dermatologist if you suspect that you have warts. They will be able to guide you as to the best way forward. Warts can resolve on their own, but leaving them can result in spreading of the infection and persistence.

  • How effective are wart treatments?

    Effectiveness varies considerably between treatment methods. See individual Treatment Options for more detail.

  • What is the most effective wart treatment method?

    Outcomes can be linked to wart type, however based on clinical data coming from the UK and now in the US, Canada and Australia, the highest and most consistent clearance rates are being delivered by Swift Microwave Therapy.

  • How do you get rid of the HPV virus?

    You own immune system is the only way to eradicate the HPV Virus.  Some destructive therapies are suspected to have some sort of immune reaction, however clinical studies have demonstrated that Swift Microwave Therapy does in fact trigger a natural immune response, targeting the HPV virus.   Other Immunotherapy  modalities are also designed to target the virus, however a definitive response has not been proven.

  • How long do warts last?

    Typically warts present between 1 and 6 months post infection. The duration of warts is directly linked to the immune strength of the patient. They can last anywhere from a few weeks to several years.

  • Can you spread warts to other parts of your body?

    All warts are contagious. They are spread via direct contact with other parts of the body, typically through breaks or cracks in the skin.

  • How does Swift work?

    In order to deliver energy into the body, microwaves are produced inside a unique, compact generator. As soon as the treatment begins, Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled dose of microwaves that work within a pre-determined field – and no deeper. Water molecules within the tissue begin colliding and creating localized heat energy – This energy triggers a natural response within the body; essentially “uncloaking” the HPV Virus.

  • How effective is Swift compared to other modalities?

    The best clearance data comes from a 2017 clinical study conducted by Dr. Ivan Bristow in the UK where clearance rates of 75.9% on treatment-refractory plantar warts were observed. This data compared favorably with previous studies showing a clearance rate of 23-33% for cryotherapy or salicylic acid (2 primary treatment methods) in comparable studies.

  • How safe are microwaves?

    Very safe. Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation, which means that they can’t cause damage to the DNA of living things. The microwave technology behind Swift is also currently being for lung, liver, kidney and breast cancer treatment across the world.

  • Where can I find Swift Treatment?

    Swift can now be found in several countries all over the world, however this site will focus on the United States only. The US Clinic Locator is found here. A global clinic locator can be found here.