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More About Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift Microwave therapy is the newest treatment available to those suffering with warts. Rather than attaching the symptom of the issue (the wart), Swift targets the root case: the HPV Virus. Having transformed treatment protocols in the UK, Australia and Canada, Swift is now available in the United States and the early results are extremely exciting for all those suffering from warts.

  • How does this treatment work?

    Swift Microwave Therapy uses low dose Microwave energy to stimulate a natural immune response in the body. Targeted tissue is heated to between 43 and 46 degrees, creating a release of Heat Shock Protein 70, which alerts the body to the presence of the HPV virus. Once alerted, the body’s immune system does the rest, destroying the virus and thus clearing the warts over the course of 3-4 treatments.

  • How effective is this treatment?

    The primary issues associated with the HPV virus are clearance, recurrence and transmission. So long as the Virus remains present and viable, it is likely to reappear. It is for this reason that Swift is so effective and is delivering clearance rates significantly higher than alternative modalities. Swift serves to “uncloak” the HPV virus and once exposed, the body is incredibly effective at destroying it. The body learns to identify and destroy the virus, preventing against recurrence.

  • What can patients expect when receiving this treatment?

    Typical Treatment Protocol:

    • Treatment once every 4 weeks over a 2-3 month period (3-4 treatments)
    • Follow up 12 weeks following final treatment
    • Application: 5 x 2 second doses of microwave energy
    • Additional applications required for larger treatment areas


    • “Foreign Sensation” as the tissue is heated to 43-46 degrees Celsius
    • Moderate pain during the treatment
    • No pain post treatment

    Post Procedural:

    • No Pain
    • No Limitations
    • No home care required


    • Limited chance of hematoma if excessive energy is applied
  • Where can I receive this treatment?

    Only clinics with Swift Microwave Generators can Treat with Swift. Find a Swift Clinic Near You.