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When washing your face, do you happen to notice a subtle bump on your skin? What about on your hands or legs? These are known as flat warts. Otherwise known as juvenile warts, they’re extremely common in children and teens, and can often form in young adults as well. Flat warts are comprised of various strains of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), particularly types 3, 10, 28, and 49.

Flat warts are not highly contagious, but there is still an inherent risk of developing them from contact with HPV residue of those who have them. They often accumulate in small clusters in the area of skin exposed to the strain of HPV, which quickly penetrates the dermis and causes warts to form. They are usually benign and not painful, serving as merely a visual frustration. However, there are rare instances when a massive presence of them can cause severe pain and mobility limitations.

  • What's the Most Common Way to Contract HPV Causing Flat Warts?

    As flat warts are often found on the face and/or hands, the most common forms of transmission include door handles, railings, grab handles on public transit, handshakes, and person-to-person contact such as with an intimate partner or amongst children roughhousing. Frequent hand washing and sanitization cannot always negate the risk of developing flat warts; there’s no way to 100-percent minimize the risk.

  • Will My Flat Warts Disappear on Their Own?

    Yes, usually they will clear on their own, but this can take upwards of several months to several years. There are highly effective, safe, and proven treatments such as the Swift microwave therapy system that can make short work of flat warts relatively quickly. Should you be tired of the presence of flat warts and want them gone as soon as possible, reach out to your Dermatologist to see whether they can provide Swift as an appropriate treatment solution.

  • How Many Different Strains of HPV Are There?

    There are well over 100 unique strains of HPV, only a few of which as noted above can lead to the development of flat warts. Others can cause genital warts, plantar warts, and more serious complications. The strains associated with flat warts are benign, but beware that others can lead to health issues and even put your life at risk if left unaddressed. All forms of HPV are contagious, many of them more easily than others, so always try to be proactive about what you touch when out and about just to be safe.

  • How Does HPV Enter the Body?

    Even the slightest of cuts or scratches can act as entry points for HPV. If you already have it, you can also easily spread it to other parts of your body or face as a result, meaning having a flat wart in one spot could cause more to appear in other areas if you’re not careful. This is often why many folks wish to seek out fast, effective treatment to eliminate any flat warts they have before they can spread.

  • What Are the Symptoms of Flat Warts?

    Visually, the biggest red flags associated with flat warts are smooth, flat-topped and subtle protrusions on the skin that range in size from 1 to 5 millimeters. They can be either flesh or a brownish color. You’re most likely to spot them on the arms, backs of hands, face (especially in children), legs (especially in women), and beard area (especially in men).

  • Are There Different Infection Levels?

    Yes, actually. Mild infection represents only a few warts that can easily be eliminated with proper treatment. Moderate-level infection can represent 10 to 100 of them, which is frustrating to self-confidence but not painless. Severe flat wart infections are uncommon, representing more than 100 warts which, collectively, can cause severe pain that may actually limit everyday activities such as moving or sitting. Should you have moderate or severe infections, we highly suggest you get yourself to a dermatologist right away to stop the spread and protect yourself.

  • What is the Swift Method?

    Swift is a highly effective microwave treatment method that harnesses the power of the body’s natural defenders. It painlessly makes extreme temperature adjustments to affected areas of the dermis where warts are present and acts as an alert system to antibodies that then come to fight them. Completely non-invasive and handled by only experienced medical professionals with disposable applicator tips to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, Swift is a giant leap forward in skincare and wart treatment.

  • Who Offers Swift?

    More practitioners every day are trusting in the highly efficient, safe, and proven results of Swift. To find one in your area who offers the service, visit our clinic locator page to begin your search. Alternatively, view more details about Swift to become more familiar with how the system works.