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Put Away the Duct Tape: Wart Treatment Just Entered the 21st Century!

Put Away the Duct Tape: Wart Treatment Just Entered the 21st Century!

Are you suffering from a troublesome, unsightly wart that takes away from an otherwise happy everyday life? A few years ago, most folks used to dread seeking treatment, and even before then, the most common home remedy was duct tape. Fast-forward to 2019, and you’ll see that there’s no need to rummage in your tool drawer to get rid of pesky warts. Modern treatments are safe, fast and very efficient, meaning there’s no worrying over safety or quality results!

Let’s explore today’s wart treatment solutions, including a new one that is set to dramatically benefit the lives of patients everywhere.

Traditional Treatments Are Less Effective

Most of us don’t notice, but “tried-and-true” wart removal methods often produce a placebo effect – in other words, we want to believe they make a difference, but there is little-to-no concrete proof. For years, healthcare professionals have relied on salicylic acid and cryotherapy to disrupt the presence of warts and reduce their visual appearance, but they hardly make enough of a noticeable difference on their own; your natural defences are what will make the biggest impact! In fact, we’ve noticed many cases when warts simply vanish of their own accord over time, usually several years or more.

A Modern Solution: Microwave Therapy

If you want fast, effective results and those pesky warts just plain gone – no waiting or repeated treatments – then microwave therapy is the ideal solution. It’s perfectly safe, with zero risks of cross-contamination and treatments being squeaky-clean. In addition, with solutions such as the Swift system, you’ll experience improved results faster. This is the technology that can really deliver – there are no placebos here!

Microwave treatment works by delivering a controlled, safe dose of energy that generates heat in the tissue. In literally seconds, the treatment is complete, and your body immediately begins to naturally respond, effectively healing over the wart and causing it to fade. Think of it as a way to alert your body to the presence of the HPV virus so it can react properly.

More About Swift

With a 95-percent recommendation rate, Swift is a proven, modern breakthrough in wart treatment. It’s high time that such procedures enter the 21st century to produce better results, and we’re excited to see more healthcare experts learning about Swift and its many benefits for both them and their patients. Its single-use applicator eliminates any risk of transmitting HPV, the leading cause of wart development. 

It’s easy to see the appeal of modern wart treatment with solutions such as Swift – it’s faster, safe, easy, and offers actual results you can see! We at Saorsa hope to see this technology help wart sufferers around the globe regain control of their appearance and comfort.

It’s time to put away that duct tape and enter the 21st century; the real solution is finally here!

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  1. I’ve been struggling with my warts because I have no idea how to get rid of these. It’s great to have learned that there’s a lot of options to choose from when it comes to getting rid of these warts, such as microwave therapy that delivers a safe dose of energy that generates heat in the tissue. I should probably start looking for a health center that can help me with this matter.

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