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Quick Facts

  • Method of Action:


  • Efficacy Range:

    Low to Moderate

  • Pain During Treatment:


  • Recurrence Rate:


  • Pain Post Treatment:


  • Patient Satisfaction:


  • Number of Treatments Required:


More About Virucidal Therapy

Virucidal therapies are targeted towards the destruction of the HPV virus itself. Virucidal agents that have been used on warts in the past include Glutaraldehyde, Formaldehyde, Formic Acid and Antiviral Drugs.

  • How does this treatment work?

    The virucidal agent is typically applied directly to the wart in small doses. The application is typically daily (sometimes twice daily) and the agent works to disrupt the upper layer of skin cells, allowing access and destruction of the cells that contain the virus.

  • How effective is this treatment?

    Similar to antimitotic therapies, there is limited clinical evidence to support the use of virucidal therapy as a primary or preferred treatment modality. Of the studies that do exist, the clearance rates appear to be in the same range or slightly higher than salicylic acid, which is relatively low.

  • What can patients expect when receiving this treatment?

    Typical Treatment Protocol:

    • Treatment once or twice daily for between one and several weeks depending on the virucidal agent being applied.
    • Additional applications required for larger treatment areas


    • Variable depending on the agent used
    • Low to Moderate pain during the treatment
    • Moderate pain following the treatment

    Post Procedural:

    • Bandaging required
    • At home application required
    • Specific guidance will vary based on agent used


    • Very much dependent on the agent used: consult with your clinician
  • Where can I receive this treatment?

    As a less commonly used treatment option, not all clinicians will have the option or will elect to treat with virucidal therapy. If you would like to be treated this way, you should call ahead to assess availability, however consultation is recommended prior to confirming an appropriate treatment.